Registration Process

A step by step guide of what to expect when registering to study at LGSC

Before registering as a student at the Leicester Global Study Centre, you will need to have your visa to enter the UK. If you are yet to receive your CAS or visa, make sure you have completed the following: 

  1. Sent any conditions to your Studylink Portal
  2. Returned your acceptance form
  3. Paid your deposit 
  4. Filled out the PCAS form sent to you by admissions

You can find out more information about applying for your student visa on our website.

Once the above is completed, and you've received your visa, you'll be able to come to the UK and register as a student at the University of Leicester Global Study Centre. 

Enrolment week begins on the 8th January, and you are expected to be in the college. If you cannot make the registration appointment given you to by student services, you must contact the student services team to let them know.

The flowchart below will help explain the steps of registering as a student,  we recommend reading the steps carefully so you are prepared and know what to expect. 

LGSC Registration Timeline