Cost of living

Plan your Leicester budget so you can make the most out of your UK studies

The essentials

Leicester ranked among the top 10 most affordable cities for students in the UK rankings (NatWest, 2021). It’s also ranked in the top five most affordable cities in the UK by Numbeo. 

Average monthly spend, minus rent and course fees, for a single person in Leicester is around £600 (Numbeo, 2021). This makes it 26% cheaper to live in Leicester than the UK capital, London.

As well as your tuition, you need to budget for monthly expenditure including rent, bills, and food. You may also need to budget for one-off expenses related to your course, such as text books or equipment.

Below are indicative costs of some general expenses to help you understand your monthly spend. Costs do vary.

General ExpensesCost
Rent (private accommodation – monthly)£530 (Numbeo average)
Rent (student accommodation -monthly) £88 - £179 per week
Student bus ticket£47.50 for a monthly pass
Internet£31 per month (Numbeo average)

While your grocery spend will depend on your diet and taste, many students find £100 a month is sufficient for their food shop, according to UniAcco. 

The extras

Your time at university isn’t just about your degree; it’s a time when you’ll meet life-long friends, try new things, and discover a new city and country. Below are a few costs you might want to consider budgeting for to help you make the most of your time in Leicester.  

Below are indicative costs of some entertainment expenses to help you understand your monthly spend. Costs do vary.

Entertainment ExpensesCost
Meal in an inexpensive restaurant  £12 (Numbeo average)
Gym membership (monthly)£23 (Numbeo average)
Cinema ticket£9 (Numbeo average)
Entry to the King Richard III Visitor Centre  £8.30