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International Year One Management

We are introducing a new International Year One in Management, leading into the second year of undergraduate degrees in:

  • BA Business and Management
  • BA Human Resource Management
  • BA Marketing

On this programme you will enter the first year and are guaranteed progression to the second year of your chosen degree (if you meet the required criteria).

Teaching takes place in the Global Study Centre (GSC) using dedicated lecturers who know the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Your pathway to University of Leicester


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International Year One

Second Year Degree

Final Year Degree

International: £15,500



*Partner University tuition fees that apply to a Student after Progression are payable directly to the University and are determined by the University themselves. Information on those fees and when they may increase are published on the University website: www.le.ac.uk.

Entry Level


5.5 minimum in all bands 

Course Dates

January 2022 - July 2022

September 2022 - May 2023


January 2022

September 2022

Year One overview

  • Develop students’ fundamental knowledge and provide a solid foundation in the study of managerial practices and their related functions, such as human resource management and marketing, as well as an appreciation of the broader context in which these activities take place in society.
  • Develop in students a broad range of transferable academic literacy, research and analytical skills to succeed in undergraduate study.
  • Ensure that students have attained the prescribed level of English language competency to succeed at specified University of Leicester undergraduate programmes in the related fields.
  • To prepare students to operate effectively and autonomously within the framework of higher education.
  • Develop students’ graduate attributes to optimize future employability prospects in a global environment.


Semester 1



Introduction to Management


Principles of Marketing


Managing Human Resources


Business Economy & Society


Semester 2



Business Finance & Reporting


The Future of Work


Enterprise in Practice


Managing Digital Technology


Teaching and Assessment

Teaching is delivered via a combination of small group lectures, group-based tutorial coursework (oral and written presentation), and assessment is via individual coursework (oral and written presentation) and examinations. You will be encouraged throughout the stage of the study to undertake independent study to supplement what is being taught/learnt and to broaden your personal knowledge.

Progression/Pass mark

Students who achieve the progression threshold of 40% across all credit-bearing modules will be eligible for progression to Year 2.

Students will also need to achieve the progression threshold of 50% in the AES module to progress to Year 2.

Progression Degrees

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