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Student Testimonials


Society and Culture - Progressing in to Psychology

ClaudiaAll the staff members that I had the pleasure to cross paths with, so far, have been always, both, extremely helpful and kind! The teachers do their best to keep us interested in class with fun activities and by distributing the work in a way that we won´t feel overwhelmed (they try at least ahaha).

Not only they care for us in class but also out of class. I get regular emails, from some of my teachers, checking up on me and on my work for the upcoming assessments.

I really have nothing bad to point out so far, and I truly believe I won't ever have anything bad to point out. Everyone is doing their best in the situation we are currently living in, and I can´t thank you, staff, enough for all the effort put into us, students.

I can only wish you the rest of a good semester of work and that the flow of good ideas won´t stop 🙂



Economics and Management - Progressing in to Marketing

MarianaSince I started studying at the University of Leicester, I have had incredible support from everyone. Especially at the university accommodation , where they helped me a lot and always showed availability for everything and I am very happy with the progress of things so far!



Society and Culture - Progressing in to Archaeology and Ancient History

JessicaIt has been almost 5 months studying at The Global Study Centre and I can only say that has been a great time. Even though the classes are all online, the teachers have done everything they can so that classes are more interactive and to have the feeling of being in face-to-face classes. It has been great studying at The Global Study Centre!