Applying for your visa

You will apply for a Student Route visa if you need to study in the UK for longer than six months

Visa process

This information is for guidance only. Please refer to the UKVI website for the most accurate and up-to-date information

Visa applications from outside the UK are usually made online.

You may be required to undertake a TB screening test as part of the Student Route visa application process. Alongside the visa application, you will also need to visit a visa application centre to have your photograph and fingerprints (biometric details) taken. You will also be expected to pay for the Student Route visa application and the healthcare surcharge. When making your visa application, you will need to consider your travel date to the UK, making sure you provide an accurate arrival date. This is because you will only have ten days after arrival in the UK to collect your BRP.

If your visa application is successful, you will be provided with a temporary entrance visa known as a vignette. This will be a sticker in your passport. You will then need to collect your BRP, which is your permanent visa. You should include the BRP collection address. We recommend you use the University of Leicester address. You will need your Student Route decision letter to collect your BRP.

Fees can change at any time and so you are advised to refer to the UKVI website.

The Visa processing time varies depending on the country you are applying from; this can be anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months. Find out the visa processing time in your country.

You will score 30 points for a CAS Statement from an approved education provider and 10 points if you can show you have enough finances to cover your course fees and monthly living expenses for up to nine months (known as maintenance). You must show that you have kept the money at the required amount and for the acquired length. If you are unsure about this, please email

A CAS Statement includes information about you, your sponsor, the course, and your finances. To obtain a CAS statement, you will need to have accepted your place by completing the acceptance document included in your unconditional offer pack and paid your tuition fee deposit, as outlined in the offer pack.

Once we have received the acceptance form, deposit and proof of maintenance (if applicable), you will be issued with a Provisional-CAS, which will allow you to check that all the information included is correct. Once we get confirmation, we will issue you your final CAS.

You will need to fill in the application form on the UKVI website, pay your fee and include:

  • a current passport or travel document
  • documents to show you have the right finances (maintenance) available
  • documents used by your sponsors when they accepted you onto the course as listed on your CAS statement.

The Immigration Health Surcharge for students is £470 per year.
This will also apply to new EEA students from January 2021.