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Food and Drink

International dishes

Leicester has something for everyone’s taste. Given the large South Asian community in the city, there is a huge selection of curry houses to choose from, and the city was even named the UK Curry Capital in 2007.

There are restaurants serving food from all over the world across the city, with plenty of Halal and vegan options. You can also find fresh produce and international ingredients if you prefer to cook at home. The best place to stock up is Leicester Market, the biggest open-air market in the UK.

As well as food, Leicester is home to an array of pubs and bars from traditional country pubs to trendy cocktail bars, many of which host discounted student nights. There’s also several late-night non-alcoholic venues, including cafes and dessert bars which stay open well into the evening. A popular hidden gem is &Kith, a swanky cocktail bar with not a drop of alcohol on the premises!

Local delicacies

Leicester is home to not one but three local delicacies. The first is the iconic Red Leicester Cheese, which is a hard cheese with a slightly lighter taste and crumblier texture than cheddar. Stilton is another local food with a protected designation of origin in Leicester. Stilton is a rich white cheese with blue veins running through it. It is known for its strong smell and taste, so maybe this isn’t a food to try in the classroom! The third local dish is the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, which is a dense meat-filled pie with a thick crust.

You can find an exciting mix of local and international food at Leicester Market which hosts a farmer’s market the first Thursday of every month and an international food market three times a year.

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