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International Year One

Start a supported Year One designed for international students

One offer letter

Apply for the Global Study Centre and you’ll be given an offer (conditional or unconditional) that covers both the two semester International Year One and the rest of your degree (typically an additional two years) at the University of Leicester.

When you apply for a Student Visa, you will be issued with one visa covering your full academic journey in Leicester.


By joining this programme, you will enter the first year of your degree. You will study at the Global Study Centre in an inspiring, nurturing and empowering environment. On successful completion, you are guaranteed progression to the second year of your chosen degree as long as minimum pass marks are achieved.

Teaching takes place in the Global Study Centre and is delivered by dedicated lecturers who understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student. You will be offered additional academic guidance as well as English and communication support, if needed.

This is the perfect option for students who fall just below direct entry requirements for the University of Leicester. This may be due to lower academic or English levels. Whatever the reason, we’re here to ensure your University of Leicester ambitions can still come true.

Study options

International Year One Management

Gain a solid foundation in the study of managerial practices and their related functions, such as human resource management and marketing.

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Improve your skills and raise your academic level before progressing onto the first year of your undergraduate degree

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There are many benefits to starting your degree at International Year One, including a softer landing into university life. Here are our top reasons for starting at International Year One:

  • Guaranteed entry into second year of your degree – you will automatically progress into the second year of your chosen degree at the University of Leicester upon successful completion of your Internation Year One programme at the Global Study Centre
  • Graduate in the same time frame as your peers – although your first year will take place at the Global Study Centre, you will progress directly into your second year at the same time as your peers, allowing you to graduate from your undergraduate degree together
  • Flexibly entry points – the Global Study Centre offers intakes in both January and September, allowing you to start your studies at a time that best suits you and your academic plans
  • Improve your English – all courses at the University of Leicester are taught in English. No matter how strong your English is, the idea of studying in another language can be daunting. All academic teaching is conducted in English, empowering you to feel more confident in your communication skills when you enter your second year
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