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The Global Study Centre offers flexible entry into University of Leicester undergraduate degrees, allowing you to start at a time and level that suits you. Our programmes include the Foundation, providing a solid and streamlined base before starting your degree, and International Year One, which allows you to start the first year of your degree but with extra support. Both entry levels have intakes in January and September.

Choose the right Foundation or International Year One programme for progression into the undergraduate degree of your choice. You will receive one offer, combining your time at the Global Study Centre and the remainder of your degree at the University of Leicester.


Economics and management

Building confidence and knowledge to be a modern leader.

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Engineering and technology

Engineering and technology creates the building blocks of our everyday lives.

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Science allows us to better understand ourselves, our planet, and our reality.

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Society and culture

For students who are fascinated by the way the world operates, evolves, and develops.

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If you are studying at the Global Study Centre in 2023/24, you could be eligible for a scholarship.

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